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The Untold Story

April 16, 2018

Fear grappled her from all sides,she had to face innumerable people before she saw daylight!

Her heart no longer beat the same,she was lifeless!
Her hopes had given away , her prayers unanswered..
No human mind could fathom the pain she was in. Her mind kept shuttling between the past and present.

Wasn’t it the most beautiful day she had known when she held her little one after she was born-full of life, cheer and hope.
The lifeless body drove chills in her spine and she wished death every second.

The day her little girl held her hands and walked and she gaped in awe at her angel’s first step.
The details of torture rendered to that little soul which was busy chasing butterflies.

The day her little girl was bold and courageous to take the herd to graze all by herself.
The innumerable photos of her beloved which were news for media

The day she bid adieu to her little girl and was waiting eagerly with hot lunch
The day she realized that only the dresses her little girl wore will remain for her memory.

The pain is real and no prayer ,religion or Godman could render her back  for the piece of soul she held so dearly was forever lost ,never to return .





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