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Do u remember ?

April 6, 2018

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The woman who gulped litres of water only in the hope of seeing you and cry the very first time on hearing your heartbeat that was shown by the Dr!❀


The woman who hoped everyday that you get the best and ate tablets dutifully!🍣

The woman who Googled the most to find out about your growth and reach out to to you!πŸ€“

The woman who held her husband’s hand every night as she wanted to make you feel his warmth!πŸ˜™

The woman who broke all records of ever waking up on time in her entire life only to be kicked everyday at 4 a.m. in the belly!😴

The woman who was ready to wait tirelessly as her legs ached and was getting overloaded.😲

THE woman who had to change dress sizes too often as you kept growing,😦

The woman who burdened her husband with all bags in lieu of being pregnant!😜

The woman who nauseated even at the mention of oil!πŸ˜”

The woman who managed to forego her favorite coffee for it never suited you!πŸ˜₯

The woman who walked everyday in hope to see you get delivered safely!πŸ€—

The woman who worked tirelessly hoping it’s the best pastime to get away from pregnancy blues😨

THE woman who gave up the luxury of getting glued to the mobile phone.😎

THE woman who was startled to know that it was a ‘big’ bun that she carriedπŸ€₯

The woman who spoke to you like a RJ in the hope you’d recognize her instantly on your arrival!😚

THE woman who misses you the most for she had you inside her,happy ,warm and cheerful despite the fear of unknown grappling her often!πŸ’•β€πŸ’•

Do you remember that womanΒ -A different ME before you’re bornπŸ˜‰



PS: dedicated to my dd 😍


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