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The Affair

February 13, 2018

She looked at her semi naked self and saw him busy with his business. His mischievous eyes were showing signs of hunger and were looking at her with a sparkle in the eye.
She was the only one who knew when the same eyes meant mischief and when they were genuinely innocent!
There was a thought train that kept running in her mind – does he know how much she loves him ? Is he just another human who forgets her once he is finished with his business- (how lame a thought)?did he think she was beautiful ? , she once was- someone who could with ease fit herself into a figure hugging dress, the same dress now made her look like the “BEFORE” pictures of weight loss ads!!
Her mind was lost in million other thoughts when her husband entered the room and looked at the second man in the house with happiness! She felt she could sense some amount of jealousy in him. Perhaps he thought she was his always and now at this point in life there was an another man he had to share his wife with, which was legal too!
As the husband left the room with the file he had come looking for , she looked at the second man to see if the business was done- it was in the final stages ,she would feel lighter soon.

In another five minutes the tiny human that was busy drinking was fast asleep and has resigned to her lap. She felt elated, drew a deep breath to pull the PP belly in, and kissed him “Love you baby”


PS: the image is a Google search result.



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