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The Little Girl

September 15, 2017

One evening just as I was about to go-to the market I caught this scene of a little girl happily jumping on the steps opposite my house. She must have come to attend the satsang in the mutt, I assume.
What Drew my attention to her was her beautiful pattu pavadai, neatly plaited hair that was swinging on either side of her shoulders and more importantly she was lost in her own world.
My mind run a million things about her in that fleeting second .
I was wondering how I missed the little girl of my life and in the same note I wondered how long will she be playing and enjoying like this? What an absurd thought – I scolded myself while I still kept wandering in my mind.

Why was this fleeting moment important at all – the little girl brought a million memories flooding in that little piece of time
I realized I missed my little girl more on some days than other.
This little girl is someone I’ve know for a little more than a quarter century and her energy, vigor for life, strength of mind never ceased to amaze me.
I call her ‘little girl’ because that’s what she was at heart-simple, naive, unassuming, ever-dreaming and most loving woman I’ve ever known and I ever will.
She could light up even the dullest moment with her eccentric dance moves and cheer me like none other.
Her smile never lost its charm despite the various hardships she’d been through.
She to me was ‘ one in a million’ and a ‘ high School drama queen’ – weird way to describe but that’s best was to sum up my love for her.
Her eloquent English and never ending thirst for Tamil literature was a fascination for me- how could someone understand and appreciate both equally?
She was a juggler in her kitchen and still date I miss her ‘secret ingredient’ and the details of her culinary expertise.
I call her high School drama queen because of how she was – ‘ the Mills and Boons ‘ type, the cheer- leader type, the ever dreamy, screechy voice fairy tales loving ,’ sweep me off my feet- Prince ‘ type – oh I’ve already typecast her!!!?
Life was a fascinating experience when this girl was around.
To all those whims and fancies, ups and downs, fun and pun, riches and rags- I love you the most my little girl and miss you the most mommy!


PS : the image is a Google search result.


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